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Puerto Plata ferry

Puerto Plata ferry - fast and nice

Puerto Plata ferry is foranyone. If you're of an adventurous frame of mind, and have time to spare, you can revert to the mode of transportation that islanders used before the advent of air travel: Puerto Plata ferry and the traditional mailboats.

Although fast, modern, air-conditioned Puerto Plata ferry now make some of the trips, some of the more remote destinations are still served by slow, old-fashioned craft with few amenities. Within the $loc ferry, it has the most, and most comfortable, options for island-hopping, that offer food and beverages served by cabin attendants.


ferry ads

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Puerto Plata ferry advices

As with most things in the Puerto Plata, schedules do change rather frequently; if you're planning to Puerto Plata ferry back to an island check and double-check the departure times, and build in extra time in case the weather's bad.

Puerto Plata ferry serve most of the major tourist destinations from Puerto Plata. The ferry costs around $110 one-way, and takes about two hours each way.

Usually, the shorter-haul ferry makes several round-trips daily, and keep a more punctual schedule than the longer-haul ferry.



Other about Puerto Plata  

Puerto Plata ferry - a good transportation choice

While many will find themselves flying and driving throughout the Caribbean, some find it convenient to take a ferry or boat to get from island to island, or to expedite their travel to places around a particular island. Boat and ferry service within the Dominican Republic is limited, however visitors in Samana or Sabana del Mar will be happy to know that a daily ferry service runs between the two locations. Those looking to explore national parks and islands off of the coast of the Dominican Republic will be able to secure boat and ferry service to locations such as Saona Island, off the southeastern coast of the island, for $40(USD) to $100(USD). An inter-island ferry company, Ferries del Caribe, runs a ferry service between Mayagez in Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo. The twelve hour trek is made from Mayagez to Santo Domingo every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and leaves at 8:00 p.m. The same trek is made in reverse on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and also leaves at 8:00 p.m. One way fares will start at $114(USD) without a sleeping cabin, to $157(USD) with a sleeping cabin. Return trips will run for $163(USD) and $249(USD), dependent on the option of a sleeping cabin. Ferries and boats, while certainly not the most popular form of travel in the Dominican Republic, is available to those who need their services in certain areas.

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